April Prince: Alex is an excellent massage therapist. His knowledge of the body is outstanding. He is easily able to target trouble areas and relax knotted muscles. His background working with physical therapists and his training in Pilates helps him to understand body mechanics and the principles behind keeping the body in its optimum state of wellness. I give Alex my highest recommendation in the field of massage and wellness.


Sandy McKeown:  Alexander is a fully qualified professional with a unique expertise in his field. His dedication and hard work built the massage side of the business to a level not previously exerienced. Due in part to his intuition, the clients needs were met or exceeded every time. I highly recommend Alexander as a superior adjunct to anyone committed to health and wellness.


Jill Powers:  Alexander's gifted knowledge and abilities has helped me greatly with injury recovery and improvement of my medical conditions. I have chosen him for my personal health care and continue to recommend him for my patients, friends and colleagues. You are in trusted and talented hands in his care.


Amanda Weir:  Alex is an incredible massage therapist, and has been an integral part in helping me to better understand my body and my physical needs.  I have seen Alex regularly for over two years, and will continue to do so in the future.  I prefer Alex over other masseuses, as he works to address the core of the issues and also provides education and recommendations to support myself through regular exercises and stretches that are beneficial in between visits.  Alex is focused on the details of his clients' needs and takes the time to learn more about them so that he can best help them through his body work practice.  I do not consider my massage a relaxation effort (though I do relax during the session), but more of an alternative medical practice and holistic approach to physical healing.